Repair and retouching is also an important pillar of our sustainable achievements. For example, River Woods works with local retouching partners for retouching and repairs so you can enjoy your River Woods clothing even longer. In addition, sometimes an accident happens on the way to or in the stores and a garment gets damaged despite the good quality. For this reason, River Woods has developed a concept since the early years whereby damaged clothing is given a second life. Clothing with missing buttons, holes caused by transport or alarms or other damage such as loose seams or linings is collected in the warehouse and offered at interesting prices to our employees who can work with it themselves to repeair the clothing. In this way, these items get a second life. We also have a talented retoucher who is more than happy to help our colleagues who are less skilled with needle and thread, also for repairs to their own uniforms for example. So we can all enjoy our favorite River Woods staples even longer.