Orders will be delivered within 1 to 3 working days in Germany.


1. Delivery in a Pickup parcelshop

When you select the DPD Pickup delivery option, you get the flexibility to collect your parcel at a time that’s convenient to you thanks to the flexible opening hours of our partner shops. All Pickup parcelshops are open on Saturdays and most are open 6/7.

There is always a Pickup parcelshop in your neighborhood! (Book shop, grocery store, petrol station…) Click here to find the nearest Pickup parcelshop

Pickup parcelshop delivery tariff: € 4.50
FREE DELIVERY for all orders of €150 and more!



2. DPD home delivery or to another address

When you select home delivery or delivery to another address, DPD will send you a mail/text message to inform you about the delivery day. If the suggested delivery day doesn’t suit you, you can easily reschedule your delivery. On the delivery day itself you will receive a second mail/text message informing you about the exact 1 hour delivery window.

DPD Home Delivery tarriff: € 5.75
FREE DELIVERY for all orders of €150 and more!!

If you’re not at home when the DPD driver comes and your neighbours aren’t either, your parcel will be taken to a Pickup parcelshop in your local area. That way, you get your parcel as soon as possible, and you decide when you go to pick it up.

The DPD driver will leave a note in your mailbox giving the address of the Pickup parcelshop and the time from which you can collect your parcel. You will receive an email from DPD when the parcel has arrived in the Pickup parcelshop.

Bring your proof of identity with you when you go to pick up your parcel. You will have seven days to collect it, after which it will be returned to the sender.

Click here for more information about Pickup parcelshop or DPD delivery



Track your order

At the moment your order is shipped from our warehouse you will receive a confirmation email in your mailbox. In this mail you will find your unique DPD tracking number.
With this number you can always check the current status of your order on the DPD website:

Remember that the tracking number only becomes active as soon as the package has arrived at the DPD central warehouse.