Donate your old jeans from 05/04/2024 untill 30/04/2024 and get a €15 discount voucher for your new one.

The road to more sustainable fashion is ahead of us and we're glad you're helping to make it happen! Thanks to everyone who donated their old jeans in one of our stores the last two summers, we created a unique limited edition upcycled bag with it!  

As part of our sustainability initiatives, we therefore want to go a little further to contribute to the environment. Research shows that on average we only wear 20% of our wardrobe. However, most of these do not have a second life and we throw away more often clothes than we donate or recycle. In Belgium alone, it appears that we throw away almost 15 kg of clothing every year. At River Woods, we would like to do something about this and give old jeans a new life.

Why do we choose to collect jeans?

The production of jeans remains one of the most polluting processes in the fashion world. Most of the climate impact of a jeans is due to its washing and drying. Pesticides for growing cotton and chemicals for the paint process also produce a huge C02 emission. By giving old jeans a new life, we can save many liters of water and reduce C02 emissions. 

So it’s time to go through our wardrobe and sort it out as a spring cleaning! Do you find a River Woods in your closet that has had its best time after years of wearing or which you have never worn before?    

Donate your old jeans in April in one of our River Woods stores. We make sure your old jeans are given a new life.

In return for your contribution, you receive during the month of April a voucher with a discount of €15* per donation that you can spend on a new jeans or other item from our spring-summer collection.     

*with purchase of €100 in our spring-summer collection until 31/05/2024, non cumulable with other promotions.

What happens after we have collected the jeans?  

River Woods collects the jeans through our shops and makes sure that they get a second life in the form of a new upcycled product. Upcycling is a form of recycling where an old product is reused in its entirety while retaining quality and value and processed into something new.

For example, we recently made a beautiful upcycled limited edition bag with remaining quality fabrics from previous collections and last summer's collected jeans!