DPD home delivery or to another address

When you select home delivery or delivery to another address, DPD will send you a mail/ text message to inform you about the delivery day. If the suggested delivery day doesn’t suit you, you can easily reschedule your delivery. On the delivery day itself you will receive a second mail / text message informing you about the exact 1 hour delivery window.

DPD Home Delivery tarrif: € 5.75
FREE DELIVERY for all orders of €150 and more!

If you are out when the driver calls DPD simply makes a second delivery attempt on the day you select – free of charge. The only thing you need is the notification the driver has left and your zip code. Depending on your delivery instructions DPD can deliver your parcel the next working day. For this however DPD must receive your instructions before midnight.

If you didn’t give new delivery inastructions to DPD, the driver will automatically try to deliver the next working day.

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Flexible DPD home delivery or delivery to another address.

DPD Predict offers you the possibility of changing the day of delivery. DPD tells you by SMS or email what day your parcel will arrive. If it's convenient DPD comes and makes the delivery. If it isn't you can postpone the date by up to 6 work days. Whatever suits you best.

And on the day of delivery itself DPD informs you about the time window during which the parcel will be arriving.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Postpone delivery by up to 6 work days
  • DPD delivers when it suits you
  • Within a time window of 1-3 hours on the selected delivery day

Pickup parcelshop

When you select the Pickup parcelshop delivery option, you get the flexibility to collect your parcel at a time that’s convenient to you thanks to the flexible opening hours of our partner shops. All Pickup parcelshops are open on Saturdays and most are open 6/7.

There is always a Pickup parcelshop in your neighborhood! (Book shop, grocery store, petrol station…)
Click here to find the nearest Pickup parcelshop  

Pickup parcelshop Delivery tariff: € 4.50
FREE DELIVERY for all orders of €150 and more!


Total Zero

Total Zero is the new carbon neutrality commitment from the express parcel company DPD. It will be available to customers in DPD’s major markets from July 2012.

Through Total Zero, DPD will ensure that every parcel sent via its network is carbon-neutral – and at no extra cost to the customer.

Global carbon-neutral parcel shipping.

DPD takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Under the Responsibility program, DPD is committed to reducing the impact of its business on the planet. As an express parcel company, DPD has identified CO2 reduction as both the greatest challenge the company faces and its greatest opportunity to make a difference.


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