Sustainable efforts

Since 1995, River Woods has been telling a universal story about friendship, family values and joie de vivre. In addition, high-quality materials, timeless design and an excellent eye for detail are inextricably interwoven into our DNA. The expertise of our talented designers and patners, together with a consistent distribution policy and thorough quality controls, are the main focus of all our collections. Empathy and mutual respect define our corporate culture, which also translates into all steps of creating our collections.

But we also realize at River Woods that the fashion industry still has a long way to sustainability, and that is why we want to contribute, step by step towards a more sustainable future. 


“Small details make a world of difference”


The timeless design and quality clothing that typifies River Woods, reliable production closer to home, retouches of damaged garments and tips to enjoy your River Woods favorites for as long as possible are our pillars.


High quality clothing

and a timeless design

Stock optimization

Reliable production closer to home

Repair and


Awareness to enjoy

clothes longer

Collection campaign


Wishes and goals for the future

All of the fabric selection is already done entirely in Europe, but in time, we at River Woods aim to move even more of our production to Europe over the next 10 years. We also strive to use more sustainable fabrics and work creatively with remaining quality materials to make something new of it.    

How do our production managers Valérie and Marie-Chantal see the future of River Woods?  

‘A close and sustainable collaboration with producers who share our vision is what we are hugely committed to. Looking for ways to become more ecological, through the choice of materials, the location for production, the search of new technologies is what we strive for. Creating garments based on a strong collaboration with our customers, who help us define the real needs for the collection while respecting our planet is a wish we hope to realize one day.’