Timeless class that combines effortless style and comfort is what River Woods stands for. Our basics in natural materials form the basis for an enduring wardrobe and are available in a wide range of colors and fits, all finished with our signature maple leaf logo embroidered on the left chest.



Real classics are our C-neck and V-neck pullovers in cotton, cotton-bamboo and merino, a must in the wardrobe of every man as an extra layer all year round. 



Season after season, the signature basic pima cotton polo shirt is an indispensable element in our men’s collection. From the traditional tennis court to our office and weekend plans, the polo shirt is a reliable and versatile staple to have and to hold.



Why pima cotton?

Pima cotton (also called "Subpima") is the softest and strongest type of cotton. It is distinguished from regular cotton by the strength and length of the fiber, which results in a softer, stronger and finer cotton yarn with a beautiful sheen that lasts much longer. In addition, Pima cotton is also more sustainable than regular cotton as its production is less harmful to the environment, making it one of the most environmentally friendly types of cotton.



Besides our T-shirts with deco on the front, we opted for more essentials in various plain colors in pima cotton with round neck, v-neck and with chest pocket.
They are sure here to stay!