River Woods has been actively shifting production to Europe gradually over the last 10 years. Today, 65% of the total women’s collection and 55% of the total men’s and boys’ collection is produced in Europe. River Woods has opted for production in Europe for several reasons. First of all because of the ecological aspect with regard to the transport and flexibility in production quantities. Secondly, because of the diversity of high quality yarns and a wide selection of creative printed fabrics from Italy and other countries. This ensures that the quality River Woods stands for is guaranteed. 

Our production teams have been working for many years with established foreign production partners from the River Woods head office in Evergem. As a result, River Woods has developed a sustainable and transparent relationship with these partners who guarantee a GOTS certified and responsible* production, which is very important to us at River Woods and in line with our values. 

*this means that they are certified for the creation of organic cotton, have good waste management and respect the codes of conduct regarding employment, for example.