At River Woods, we also strive to optimize our stock. River Woods has long developed an outlet concept with outlet stores and an outlet webshop where you can find our favorites from previous collections. In addition, River Woods works with partners and organises seasonal stock sales at the head office warehouse in Evergem.     

Of course, stock optimization also starts at the beginning of the supply chain.
Therefore, our production team is working hard to optimize stock from the very first link in the production chain.
They only order the fabrics they actually need and no more, so that they are not thrown away.
If there are still fabric stocks left over, they are reprocessed so that they get a second life. 

This spring we have created a creative and eco-friendly accessory thanks to reusing materials: all elements in this bag (the handles, the fabric, the logos and the jeans) were made with remaining quality tapes and fabrics from previous collections along with jeans items collected by our customers the previous years. 
As a result, 700 bags were manufactured which makes it a limited edition unique collectors item (thanks to the jeans bags that are different with each bag). 

In October we launched these exclusive clutches as a give away. They are made from from our autumn-winter collection 2022 fabrics, you will definitely recognize the patterns! 

In March 2022, we had a giveaway with a 100% sustainable bag where both the outside and inside are made from fabric leftovers from our previous collections.